Welcome to the Club

What does a right-wing icon do after getting booted from a state supreme court and then getting trounced in a quixotic run for governor?  

Well, if you are Roy Moore, you start writing columns for the only right-wing outlet right-wing enough to welcome you: WorldNetDaily

Judge Roy Moore, the former Alabama chief justice who was ousted from office after battling for the right to display the Ten Commandments in the state courthouse, debuts today as an exclusive columnists for WorldNetDaily.

“We are deeply honored to welcome Judge Moore to WorldNetDaily,” said WND Editor Joseph Farah. “He has shown the nation he is a rarity in public service – a man of principle who’s not afraid to acknowledge God and defend the Constitution while refusing to buckle under the pressure of politically correct elitists.”

And in his first column, Moore does not disappoint

We are losing this understanding in our country and with it we are losing our moral foundation. Our prisons are growing ever more crowded with criminals who do not distinguish between right and wrong; political corruption at the state and federal level has never been more rampant; and our children are taught in our public schools that they are descended from monkeys, that marriage does not matter and that convenience is more important than the life of a child in the womb. Before we are defeated by an enemy outside our borders it is likely that we will rot through moral decay from within – unless we recognize God.

Moore’s ravings will undoubtedly fit in nicely along side the likes of those penned by other WND columnists such as Mychal Massie, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin.