Unhappy with SCOTUS Rulings? Vote Trump, Says Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign lawyer and Falkirk Center fellow (Image from YouTube video of Falkirk podcast June 3, 2020)

Jenna Ellis, ​Liberty University Falkirk Center fellow and Trump 2020 campaign senior legal advisor, told conservatives who ​are unhappy with recent Supreme Court rulings on immigration policy and LGBTQ civil rights ​to tend ​to their wounds by voting for four more years of President Donald Trump.

In a June 24 interview with religious-right radio host Eric Metaxas ​uploaded to YouTube, Ellis sympathized with Trump supporters who had been shocked at how the court ruled in two recent high-profile cases​ despite Trump’s appointments of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh​, which gave the court a conservative majority. Ellis said the court’s decision to reject the Trump administration’s attempt to dismantle DACA and its ruling that LGBTQ people are protected from workplace discrimination under the Civil Rights Act “was an abandonment of the Constitution.”

But to those dismayed at the rulings, Ellis offered a simple solution: Vote Trump 2020.

“We have to understand that the comprehensive nature of how much goes up in front of our Supreme Court, we have to make sure that jurists comprehensively are originalists​, and what I think we have to do for the next four years, including voting for President Trump in November and making sure that he gets more Supreme Court appointments, is to hear from other groups outside just the Federalist Society that are concerned about mechanics,” Ellis said​, referring to the right-wing legal organization whose function is to produce a steady supply of likeminded judges. “We also have to be concerned about the social issues to make sure that the Supreme Court stays in their lane.”

“But we have to give President Trump another four years because—listen, no justice is ever going to get things 100 percent correct all of the time,” Ellis said. “And even though what Gorsuch did in this decision was absolutely terrible, he has had a stellar track record over the last three years on the bench. If President Trump was appointing two or three more conservative justices, if we had a wider margin, then when one or two justices get one decision wrong​, they will always be in the minority, and we could have a Supreme Court that we could depend on to actually interpret the Constitution as meant and stay in their lane.”

Ellis said she was confident because Trump has promised a new list of possible Supreme Court nominees to be released before September and “is hearing from different groups,” including religious-right groups, on who he should consider.