Dutch Sheets To God: Give Us More Supreme Court Vacancies For Trump To Fill

Pro-Trump "Prophetic" Leader Dutch Sheets (Image from YouTube video of 2017 address at Church of His Presence)

Dutch Sheets, who gathered 1,300 followers of his “prophetic” ministry at Trump International hotel in Washington earlier this year to pray for “angel armies” to destroy Trump’s “deep state” enemies and clear vacancies for him to fill on the Supreme Court, wants people to thank God for the shift now taking place on the Supreme Court. But Sheets also wants God to know that His work isn’t done.

A suggested prayer posted by Sheets last Wednesday and re-posted at Charisma’s Prophetic Insight blog on Friday, includes this:

Thank you for all those that have interceded for a shift in the Supreme Court – the shift we are now experiencing. We won’t be content with just one more conservative justice. We want at least two more and maybe three more strong constitutionalists on our high court! We call America to align with the reasons You established our nation—to be a light in the darkness and a place of refuge where everyone can find salvation in Christ. Let us also be a people who take the Gospel from these shores to the nations of the earth! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sheets and his dominionist pals Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs have been leading prayers for a shift on the Supreme Court. Ever since Trump’s election, Engle has been urging God to get rid of pro-choice Supreme Court justices, saying that there’s precedent in the way that God knocked off a series of Soviet leaders to enable Mikhail Gorbachev’s rise to power.

Sheets preaches that the church, or ekklesia, is meant to be God’s governing body on Earth.