Trump’s ‘POTUS Shield’ Prayer Warriors Are Seeking White House Press Credentials

Over the weekend, POTUS Shield prayer warriors gathered at Rick Joyner’s church in South Carolina for three days of spiritual warfare against the enemies of President Trump.

Led by tsunami-stopping pastor Frank Amedia, who served as a volunteer “Christian policy liaison” for Trump’s presidential campaign, POTUS Shield was formed to cover Trump in prayer and protection by Religious Right activists who believe that Trump is to play a key role in ushering in a new prophetic era that will unite the church as they “prepare the way for the coming of the Lord.”

During the Saturday afternoon session, Amedia revealed that he will soon be traveling to Washington, D.C., to seek White House press credentials for his organization so that they can use right-wing Christian media to help spread President Trump’s message directly to his supporters.

“The Lord had spoken to me and affirmed it not too long ago that we are to pray for a press reporting division of POTUS Shield,” Amedia said. “And so I intend, in the next couple of weeks, to head up to New York and Washington, D.C.,—I’m just waiting for the Lord to release me—and we’re going to lobby to get a presidential press pass for POTUS Shield.”

“We believe that, with that, we can be right there where we need to be and that we can prophetically be in the place we need to be,” he said, “so that we can have our finger on the pulse and we can begin to report things back as it’s supposed to go.”

Amedia said he has already received commitments from Joyner, Sid Roth, Jim Bakker and other right-wing Christian television broadcasters to carry any news reports that POTUS Shield produces, meaning they will have the ability to “get the news out on the basis of the truth for the kingdom to tens of millions of people.”

Following that announcement, POTUS Shield’s Herman Martir led the gathering in a ten-minute prayer for success for the new endeavor, during which he proclaimed that “we take authority over the airwaves in the name of Jesus” and that “we will control the narrative and the enemy will, God, not use the airwaves to distort and to release false information and lies.”