POTUS Shield’s Frank Amedia: ‘We Shall Take This Nation Back For God’

Frank Amedia, former Trump campaign adviser and president of POTUS Shield, posted an almost 20-minute video on Wednesday in which he said the Trump-supporting “apostolic” network is “not only taking the nation by storm but expanding beyond its borders.”

Amedia complained about the group being pigeon-holed as part of the political Right, but his main message was to warn those in the church, the White House and the U.S. Senate who are obstructing their efforts to take the nation back for God to get out of the way:

We will not be stopped. We will shout it from the mountaintop. We will have the dream. We will have the vision. We will give our blood if we must give our blood. …

And so we have a cause, yes. It’s to take back this nation for God. It’s to make us once again as one nation under God. I am not ashamed of it. We are not ashamed of it. And we are not going to be intimidated by laws that would require us to be quiet. Or from a social norm that says we’re intolerant because we speak the truths and the holiness of scripture and of doctrine.

Amedia has a gripe with Christians who aren’t on board with POTUS Shield’s belief that modern-day prophets and apostles have been given a divine assignment to transform the church on their way to establishing the kingdom of God on earth and preparing the way for the return of Jesus Christ.  Amedia says that in the same way John the Baptist bridged the shift from the age of the law and prophets to the church age, he and his fellow apostles and prophets are bridging between the end of the church age and the start of the “kingdom age.” He said we was subjected to ridicule when he declared two years ago that Donald Trump had been given a “breaker anointing,” but that now all kinds of preachers are teaching what he had prophesied.

Amedia said POTUS Shield will support Trump, Pence, and the Supreme Court as long as they are doing what God wants, “but we will also oppose those who oppose the movement of God.” That includes some Christians working in the White House:

We will not relent. We will not be quenched. We will even not be quenched from some voices inside the White House who wear the emblem of Christ on their sleeve. They think they’re well-doing. But they do everything in their power to quench the apostolic and prophetic spirit. But those days are over. The Lord said He will move. And the kingdom of God, by the way, according to Scripture, is violent, ‘and the violent take it by force.’ But it’s not the violence of the world. It’s not the violence of a social anarchist. It’s the violence of the power of God in prayer, in peace, in love, moving forward with a courage that’s beyond understanding.

He also gave a “warning” to “a couple of senators,” saying they would be named at another time:

You are godly men, you were godly men, you say you’re conservatives, you say you’re Christians. Get out of the way and quit stopping. Because when your one, or two, or three votes sides with those that would be against the doctrines of what God wants to do to transform our nation, no matter what your intent is, you are an obstructionist to the kingdom of God and what we’re doing. So we ask you to fear God, to listen. You’re good men. You’re a good woman. But it’s time for you to step aside and to allow the movement of God to take its place.

Amedia said Christians like him were offended and ashamed when the Obama administration lit the White House “with the gay colors of the rainbow.” But, he said, “most of all, dare not believe it was not offensive to God Almighty who saw it from the highest heavens. A people building their own Tower of Babel. My God, it’s desperate times, and we need to do desperate things with peace, with love, with conviction.”

He urged viewers to become part of the POTUS Shield movement, saying, “We shall take this nation back for God, according to our Judeo-Christian doctrines, and the Lord himself shall be glorified.”