Trump Campaign Manager: ‘Nobody Cares’ About Policy Plans!

If you wonder why Donald Trump has only offered vague, rash and reckless plans and has flip-flopped on nearly every one of his positions — most recently on the minimum wagethe national debt and his economic plan — just listen to how his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, explained why Trump doesn’t have any clear policies in an interview back in September.

When “Granite Grok” co-host Susan Olsen challenged Lewandowski as to why Trump has repeatedly praised universal, public health care systems, Lewandowski said that Trump’s stance on health care doesn’t matter because “nobody cares” about his specific policies on any issue — besides immigration.

Lewandowksi said that people should simply trust Trump rather than expect him to release any detailed plans.

Olsen: When you peel back all the rhetoric and all the talk and the showmanship and the words and the Twitter accounts and the un-politically correct things going on, then you have policy, and that’s the substance. One of the things in the debate that really threw me off was Trump saying that he thought universal health care in Canada was successful, which it’s not. What do you do about those kinds of things? What’s his actual policy and substance behind the man who is the showman?

Lewandowski: So let’s look at it. We have talked about illegal immigration from day one. From the day he announced on June 16, part of our platform was to talk about illegal immigration. So then we put out an immigration plan, a 1,990 word immigration plan that is very simple and says, ‘Here’s what our plan is to prevent illegal immigrants from continuing to come into our country.’

And then people said, ‘Wow, what is your plan on taxes? What is your plan on this? You know what that is?’ I’ll just be honest with you because I’m a very honest guy. That is the media trying to drive a narrative because the rank-and-file person, the person who lives at 123 Maple Street in Wyndham, New Hampshire, where I live, doesn’t care because it is a bunch of broken promises that politicians put out, these 15- and 20-page or, in previous campaigns, 45-page plans on how to renegotiate the tax strategy. Guess what? It’s all a bunch of lies, these guys don’t do anything.

What we have to do is we have to put our faith in people who have a proven track record of getting things done. And here’s what it comes down to, it’s very simple, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. The real question is: Who do you want to have negotiating on behalf of you, an American citizen, whether it’s with a foreign leader or with Congress to do what is best for you? Do you want a career politician who has never been able to accomplish anything, that’s a low-energy individual, or do you want a person who is actually going to go and say, ‘I lived this, I know how bad and broken the tax system is and it’s time fix it’? And what we have said is we will put out our tax plan in the next couple weeks now and all that is, it’s a simple outline so people can understand how fundamentally broken our system is and we need to do something to fix it.

I don’t think the average person — maybe I’m wrong — I don’t think the average person wants to read a 45-page policy plan on what Mr. Trump’s position is to reform the IRS because, candidly, nobody cares. All they know is the system is broken and they want it better and I think that’s a reasonable thing to say.