Trump Campaign Manager: We Don’t Tear Down Our Opponents

Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, spoke with Virginia talk radio host John Fredericks yesterday morning about the feud between Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, insisting that Trump was on the moral high ground because his campaign doesn’t engage in “tearing down our opponents.”

The interview took place shortly before he Lewandowski was charged with battery for allegedly grabbing a reporter who was trying to interview Trump, leading Trump to spend the entire day attempting to discredit the reporter who said Lewandowski grabbed her.

Lewandowski vociferously denied Cruz’s claim that Trump’s campaign orchestrated a National Enquirer story accusing the Texas Republican of having several extramarital affairs. That’s because, according to Lewandowski, attacking an opponent would be out of character for Trump!

“You can speak to any reporter who has covered this campaign and we will tell you that we are probably the only campaign that has consistently not put out an opposition research file on all of our opponents,” he said. “The reason for that is, you know what, we are running a campaign for Donald Trump. We are not running a campaign against anybody. We are running to allow Mr. Trump to put his vision forward of how to make America great again and that doesn’t mean tearing down our opponents, unlike all the other campaigns who put out oppo files on everybody, we’ve never done that.”

Trump doesn’t need to “put out oppo files” on anybody, as the candidate himself has been relentlessly negative, from lying about his opponents to criticizing their wives and releasing their cell phone numbers.