Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Denounces Courts, State Legislatures For Not Overturning Swing State Results

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis (Image from "The Right Side" video posted on Donald Trump's YouTube channel.)

Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani’s partner in representing President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, told a radio host Monday that Trump’s interests are “aligned with truth.”

Ellis appeared on iHeart Radio’s Dan Caplis Show, where the host gushed over her intelligence and “mastery” of constitutional law and allowed her to present the “evidence” for her assertion that the election was stolen from Trump.

Giuliani and Ellis have had a miserable record getting their “evidence” taken seriously by state or federal courts, which may explain why Ellis denounced both courts and state legislatures for having “utterly failed their obligation to the American people.”

Ellis talked through some of the claims Trump’s legal team have been making about elections in six swing states won by Biden having been so “irredeemably compromised” that the only solution is to have state legislatures step in and name electors directly.

Ellis said that Jan. 6, when Congress will officially receive the Electoral College votes cast on Dec. 14, has been recognized as the date of “ultimate significance” for this election by the Supreme Court. But she did not mention the frantic ongoing efforts by Trump and his right-wing allies to get members of Congress to object to the legitimately certified swing-state electors.

Ellis claimed that because her legal efforts to expose election fraud are not about securing a win for Trump, but about protecting “election integrity,” they will continue after Jan. 6.