Rodney Howard-Browne: America Will ‘Head Towards Civil War’ If Hillary Clinton Wins

On Tuesday, televangelist Rodney Howard-Browne appeared on “Trunews” to chat with host Rick Wiles about the upcoming presidential election.

Howard-Browne and Wiles are both vocal supporters of Donald Trump, and Howard-Browne said in the interview that he is now a member of the GOP presidential nominee’s faith advisory committee.

“I know the polls are all skewed,” Howard-Browne said. “I personally believe it’s going to be a landslide victory for Donald Trump come November the 8th.”

He then warned of the prospect of civil war if Trump is defeated:

Our Supreme Court is at stake. If Hillary Clinton gets in, you can imagine how she’s going to stack the Supreme Court. If you talk about our rights totally being removed and then the attack that will come on the Second Amendment, I’m really concerned if they even get down that road, we’re going to head towards civil war in our country because I know many Americans that are not about to turn over one gun. I personally will not even turn over a replica; I’m not handing over one gun. I’ll hand over something but it’s not going to be a gun.

So people better wake up and realize what’s at stake. The future of the republic is at stake. People need to realize that the media’s all controlled, that everything’s been put out by the mainstream media is all lies and propaganda. All the polls are skewed.

“Donald Trump will be a stay of execution for America that will hold the tide back of the New World Order and the globalist agenda to take America down,” he added.

However, if Clinton is elected and implements mass gun confiscation, something she has never suggested doing, Howard-Browne predicted that she would need to “bring in the UN police force” to do so, which he said was President Obama’s plan all along. The “corrupt government” is so contemptuous of Trump, he said, “they might even want to take him out.” This led Wiles to claim that “the regime” is preparing “to nullify a Trump victory in November. They’re going to say, ‘Trump did not win, the Russians rigged the election.’”