Tony Perkins “Troubled,” Time Magazine Reports

Time Magazine’s Massimo Calabresi just wrote an entire blog post lamenting the fact that “in the three presidential debates, McCain and Obama have completed a surprising sweep: no mention of ‘God,’ the ‘Lord,’ or even a higher power.”

Calabresi concludes by declaring that this is especially “noteworthy” to “people who care about the presence of religion in politics.”  And whom would those people be? 

“Whether intentional or not the discussion of God and the role of faith appears to have been relegated to the Saddleback forum in this general election,” says Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, who calls the development “troubling.”

Of course Perkins is troubled by it – his whole purpose in life is to equate God with the Republican Party and if the candidates aren’t talking about God or the social issues the Religious Right care about, then his role in the process is diminished. 

If Calabresi is going to make bold declarations regarding “people who care about the presence of religion in politics,” he might want to try and find examples beyond Religious Right activists who’ve dedicated their entire careers to trying to mix the two in a very dangerous way.