Tony Perkins: Overturning Roe v Wade Will Require New Adoption Laws As Women Are Forced To Carry Pregnancies To Term

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins talks about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Fox Business, February 1, 2017.

Family Research Council president and radio host Tony Perkins admitted that if his group successfully advocates for the reversal of “Roe v. Wade,” it will require reworking state laws concerning adoption to make it “easier for families to adopt children” from women who will be forced to carry their pregnancies to term.

While speaking with Arina Grossu, Family Research Council’s director of the Center for Human Dignity concerned with pro-life issues, on his radio show yesterday, Perkins said that he expects to see Roe v Wade struck down in the near future and when that happens, adoption laws would need to change to address the new reality of women being forced to have children after being denied access to abortion services.

“I think that we, in the very near future, could see America becoming a predominantly pro-life nation again,” Perkins told Grossu. “I think we could see Roe v. Wade overturned by the courts and this issue sent back to the states and the vast majority of states choosing life.”

“I totally agree,” Grossu replied. “What we have to do is prepare for that to happen.”

“That’s going to include a reforming of our adoption laws to make it easier for families to adopt children domestically so that these women who choose to have their babies, because the laws reflect that, will have a place to – if they don’t want to keep their children they can give them up to safe and reasonable adoptions.”

Grossu expanded that along with rewriting adoption laws, FRC would need to “really encourage, especially Christians, to consider adoption.”