Todd Starnes Prays That The Media Will ‘Reject Fake News And Embrace The Good News’ Of Jesus Christ

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes was among the Religious Right activists who participated in a prayer event in Washington, D.C., ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration today, and used his time to pray that his fellow members of the press would accept “the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ” and “reject fake news and embrace the Good News.”

“Lord, we know it’s going to be a miracle of biblical proportions, but we pray that You would do something with our media,” Starnes prayed, to wild cheers from the congregation. “Lord, we pray for revival in newsrooms across the fruited plains.”

“Father, we pray at this very moment that You would raise up a generation of news reporters, of photographers and broadcasters who will seek Your face, Father,” Starnes said. “We pray this in Jesus name, amen.”


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