Todd Starnes Complains That Immigrants ‘Get All Biblical On Us’ And ‘Start Churning Out The Babies’

Fox News Radio commentator Todd Starnes, who is a regular at Religious Right conferences and frequently writes about “pro-life” causes, complained on his radio program on Monday that once undocumented immigrants arrive in this country, they “get all biblical on us and they start churning out the babies.”

Starnes was discussing President Trump’s recent declaration that DACA, the program that provides deportation relief for some undocumented immigrants who moved to the country when they were children, is “dead.”

Starnes called DACA a “program for the Dreamers that puts the Dreamers on a higher pedestal than the average American citizen” and “a holdover from the Obama years, when President Obama cared more about the children of the illegal aliens than he did about the children, the offspring, of American citizens.”

He then claimed that “the Democrats had a chance to get all this figured out, straightened out, just a couple of months ago,” when, in fact, it was Trump who rejected a bipartisan deal to protect Dreamers.

Starnes went on to claim that the numbers of undocumented immigrants in the country “are even greater than what our elected leaders have been telling us.”

“And here’s the problem, here is the problem, ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “You see, once the illegals arrive here on American soil, what do they start doing? They get all biblical on us and they start churning out the babies. And so every one of those babies is a new Dreamer. I mean, sweet mercy, America, how many more of these Dreamers are we going to have to take care of?”

Starnes went on to discuss a caravan of migrants who are heading to the U.S. through Mexico, whom he called “an invading army approaching our border.”