Todd Starnes: Muslim Prayer At Airport Protest Evidence Of Violent Coup Brewing

Fox News commentator and conservative columnist Todd Starnes was outraged to see Muslims praying at a protest of President Trump’s immigration executive orders at the Dallas airport this weekend, telling conservative radio host Jamie Allman today that the prayer was evidence of police stepping back and making way for a violent coup against Trump.

Starnes told Allman that “a good argument could be made that the mainstream media and liberal activists and Hollywood, quite frankly, are… trying to foment some sort of a faux revolution or coup in America, trying to undermine this president, and this is a very dangerous time we are in right now.”

“And thank goodness President Trump is in the White House,” he added, “but the question is how long is he going to be able to stay in the White House?”

When Allman asked Starnes what he meant by that, Starnes replied that protests such as the one in Dallas mean that cities are “telling their police officers to stand down” even though seeing Muslims praying in the airport could alarm people:

Well, when you look at the crowds and the protests and look at the violence, quite frankly, Jamie, it seems as though many of these cities, they’re telling their police officers to stand down. And I want to give you an example, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, they allowed dozens of Muslims to commandeer a baggage claim area and turned it into a makeshift mosque. Could you imagine the farmer from West Texas coming into the airport, getting out of his pickup truck, walking in with his wife and seeing people kneeling on prayer rugs shouting ‘Allah’? ‘Marge, get back in the truck.’ I mean, meanwhile, I walk into the TSA checkpoint with a bottle of shampoo in my carry-on, and they’re manhandling us and hauling us off to jail.

Ironically, Starnes frequently expresses outrage and spreads false rumors about instances in which Christians are supposedly being persecuted for praying or evangelizing in public places.