‘They All Look Alike To Me’: Jesse Lee Peterson Doubles Down on His Racist Attack on Andrew Yang

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson made some news last week when he declared that Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who was born in Schenectady, New York, “should go back to China or wherever he came from.”

Peterson responded to the criticism he has received for that comment on his program today by doubling down on his assertion that Yang is not American and declaring that all Asian people “look alike to me.”

“I made news this week for telling the truth,” Peterson said. “He’s a socialist, he’s a communist and he should not be in our country pushing socialism. He should go back to China because they are for that and if he loves socialism, then why not go to the country that he came from and push socialism with the people that like socialism? We don’t like it here, it doesn’t work here. We are not a socialist society like that, so he needs to go back.”

Peterson then falsely suggested that Yang is from Taiwan (Yang’s parents are Taiwanese immigrants), which he wrongly asserted has been the location of massive anti-government protests. When Peterson was informed that he was confused and that the protests are actually taking place in Hong Kong, he responded that “they all look alike to me.”

“I can’t tell, they all look alike to me,” he said. “Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, what’s the difference?”

“This guy is pure beta male,” Peterson added. “Beta male! And he’s a communist and he’s from a communist country. I believe it’s China. It sounds like China; Taiwan or wherever he came from. And so I’m saying that’s not allowed in America, go back to where you came from. I’m not changing that just because you don’t like the truth.”