Theodore Shoebat: ‘There Is A Satanic Conspiracy To Stop Trump’

On Friday night, Donald Trump-loving militant anti-gay activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video responding to the cancellation of a Trump campaign rally in Chicago amid scuffles and protests, declaring that opposition to Trump is satanic and blasting Religious Right activists who oppose Trump for having sided with the “Muslims” and “sodomites” who oppose the GOP frontrunner.

“Listen up, evangelicals,” he said. “You’re all supposed to be for family values and all that and you’re saying, ‘Oh, we’ve got to go against Donald Trump,’ but you’re in agreement, whether you know it or not, you are in agreement with the Muslims, you are in agreement with the dangerous La Raza crowd, you are in agreement with the homosexual elites, you’re in agreement with all of these people, you are part of the same crowd in this situation. You’re part of the same damn crowd.”

Shoebat singled out Trump (and Theodore Shoebat) critic Michael Brown for being in agreement with “sodomites” and “La Raza terrorists,” saying the entire effort to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination is a satanic conspiracy.

“The evangelicals who are going against Donald Trump are part of a satanic conspiracy,” he stated. “When you have sodomites, Black Muslims and Muslims, and La Raza supremacists, when you’ve got white homosexual elites and socialists like the Bernie Sanders crowd, when you’ve got all these guys getting together to go against one man, the Devil is working something. This is a satanic conspiracy to stop Trump.”