Paranoia-Rama: Donald Trump Edition

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

It’s been amazing to watch Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tout any number of wild conspiracy theories and then get away with defending them even after his claims have been roundly debunked. Trump’s flexible relationship with the truth, however, seems not to be hindering his rush to the GOP nomination and may actually be helping him appeal to the party’s far-right base.

In fact, Trump’s willingness to embrace conspiracy theories seems to have encouraged his supporters to go all-out in their attempts to concoct wild theories about the real motivations of their candidate’s critics.

5) ‘All I Know Is What’s On The Internet’

“I never fall for scams,” Trump boasted back in 2012. “I am the only person who immediately walked out of my ‘Ali G’ interview.”

Of course, one would then have to wonder why Trump has fallen for so many scams and, at times, promoted his own ones.

Take Trump’s reaction to a man who tried to rush the stage at one of his rallies in Dayton, Ohio.

Trump immediately pointed to an online video as proof that the man is tied to ISIS.

Even after commentators pointed out that the video was a fabrication, Trump didn’t back down: “He was playing Arabic music, he was dragging the [American] flag along the ground, and he had Internet chatter with ISIS and about ISIS.”

“All I know is what’s on the Internet,” he said.

4) ‘There’s A High Degree Of Racism Towards White People’

Trump chatted with conservative talk show host Michael Savage about the incident in Dayton, insisting that the perpetrator hasn’t even been charged for trying to storm the stage: “How they don’t press charges is just beyond me, it’s just beyond me.”

That claim was another fib as the man was in fact charged.

Savage told Trump the real reason demonstrators protest his rallies: anti-white racism.

“There’s a high degree of racism towards white people coming out of these crowds,” Savage declared.

3) ‘A Satanic Conspiracy’

Far-right activist Theodore Shoebat knows why some conservative and evangelical leaders have strongly criticized Trump, claiming that they have joined “a satanic conspiracy” with “sodomites, Black Muslims and Muslims and La Raza supremacists” to undermine the GOP presidential frontrunner.

“When you’ve got all these guys getting together to go against one man, the Devil is working something,” he said. “This is a satanic conspiracy to stop Trump.”

2) ‘Trump Is Bad News For The New World Order’

And why might Satan and his minions oppose Trump so fervently? Well, as pastor Rodney Howard-Browne explains, Trump is the only man standing between the creation of “a one-world government, one-world religion, one-world money system, and the rise of the Antichrist.”

“Trump is bad news for the New World Order and the one-world government,” he said.

1) ‘It Is An Alien Force, Not Of This World, Attacking Humanity’

Alex Jones has similarly urged his viewers to back Trump, saying that “if he is a psy-op, he is the most sophisticated one I ever saw. And even if he is, he is a revelation of the awakening and they have to pull this trick to try to divert us. It doesn’t matter, it’s part of the awakening.”

Trump is waking people to the fact that a demonic “alien force” from outer space is “attacking humanity,” Jones explained, and humankind is on the brink of destruction unless people rise up.