Theodore Shoebat: National Geographic Publishers Should Be Burned At The Stake For Featuring Transgender Child

Extremist anti-LGBT activist Theodore Shoebat is not happy with the latest edition of National Geographic, which features a cover story on a nine-year-old transgender child, and he is calling for the editors and publishers of the magazine to be burned at the stake.

In a video posted on his website yesterday, Shoebat ranted that the young girl is “diabolical and evil” and a “little Nazi Hitler” who wants nothing more than to kill Christians in gas chambers.

“The kid is obviously evil, obviously a reprobate, obviously just diabolical,” Shoebat bellowed. “You’re a freak. You’re a little demon. You’re a little Nazi Hitler … This little freak would not mind sticking people like me in a gas chamber.”

“This is sick shit,” Shoebat continued, “and this is the problem that I have with the First Amendment, the freedom to do whatever you want. In the Catholic Church, the whole damn crew behind National Geographic would be tried and once they are found guilty, they would be burned at the stake.”