The New, Reasonable Glenn Beck Asks Everyone To ‘Go Just A Little Bit Crazy’ With Him

Back in 2014, a series of articles were written about “The New Glenn Beck,” who was supposedly quieter and more reasonable, was sick of talking about politics and was going to dedicate himself to making movies that told positive stories as he transitioned into a modern-day Walt Disney.

That new Beck never materialized, of course, as instead he spent most of 2015 constantly talking about politics on his daily radio and television programs and then turned his network into an arm of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign for a good portion of 2016.

In the wake of Cruz’s departure from the race and Beck’s decision never to vote for Donald Trump, Beck has enjoyed another honeymoon with the media, which again began portraying him as a more moderate and thoughtful conservative voice who is working hard to shed his well-deserved reputation as an unhinged bomb thrower.

While we are willing to give Beck the benefit of the doubt that his newfound gentle fair-mindedness is genuine, we have been watching him long enough to know that these moments of clarity generally do not last very long. That is why we are posting this clip from his radio show today in which he vowed, regardless of who is elected president tomorrow, to “spend the next four years taking the beam out of my own eye” and working to bring people together to “change the world for good” … because if the past has taught us anything, it is that Beck’s brief outbreaks of sanity are inevitably followed by a descent back into the fever swamps.

“I’ve been called crazy a lot lately,” Beck said, “but I’m going to start taking that as a compliment because I think everybody can see the world is upside down and everybody’s gone insane and if that society calls into question my mental state, because I refuse to play this game another quarter, so be it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, so I’m going to do something entirely different and I hope to gain different results. And if they want to call me crazy, that’s fine. Maybe it’s time all of us go just a little bit crazy.”

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