The New Face of “Black Conservatives”

The American Family Association’s new service, Agape Press, offers this rather confusing article on the presidential aspirations of Sen. Barack Obama

Black Conservative: Obama Unqualified for Serious ’08 Presidential Bid

A spokesman for a national network of black conservatives is casting doubt on whether the news that U.S. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois is weighing a 2008 presidential run is anything for Republicans to be concerned about. Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Illinois Democrat said he is considering an ’08 White House run, but will not make up his mind until after the mid-term elections.

Obama, a professing Christian, said in a “Call to Renewal” speech in June that it is time for progressives to “join a serious debate about how to reconcile faith with our modern, pluralistic democracy.” However, according to David Almasi of the black conservative leadership network, Project 21, Obama’s liberal stances on issues such as abortion and homosexuality are unlikely to resonate with values voters.

Actually, Obama has yet to prove himself in Washington, as far as Almasi is concerned. He says upon hearing the news that the Democrat was considering a presidential run, “the first thing that came to my mind is, what is this guy going to run on? Obama has only been in the Senate for two years,” the Project 21 member notes.

What exactly is it about David Almasi that qualifies him as a “black conservative?”


Almasi is the Executive Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research, which has been having some Jack Abramoff-related problems lately, and Project 21 is a front group created by NCPPR in an attempt to create a “new leadership for Black America.” 

If Project 21 really is the “leading voice in the African-American community since 1992,” why didn’t they get one of their African-American members to make these statements?