Donald Trump Insults Megyn Kelly’s ‘Angry’ Face

In an interview last weekend with Joe Pags, Donald Trump once again attacked Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, this time mocking her “angry” face.

It was just the latest round of GOP presidential frontrunner’s “sick obsession” Kelly, whom he maligns as “Crazy Megyn.”

Pags told Trump that “as a former journalist” who has “won many, many awards,” he was offended by Kelly’s question in the first Republican presidential debate about the business mogul’s long history of sexist statements, claiming Trump’s remarks were taken “out of context.”

“I thought it was a disgusting question,” Trump said. “It was almost a statement more than a question and I thought it was disgusting.”

Trump, who once insulted his former presidential rival Carly Fiorina’s face, then railed against Kelly for having a “face that was so angry.”

“It was part of entertainment, what are you going to do?” Trump said. “There was a lot of it. They don’t hear that. They hear the horrible question with that face that was so angry. You know, it was also — she looked at me, she looked so angry and it was a hit job.”

Later, Trump said that he has been “misquoted” by members of the media and was particularly angry that he had been “mistreated” by the journalists who pointed out that he repeatedly altered his position on abortion rights last week.

“I don’t think they really take me out of context, I think the press misquotes me a lot,” he said. “Like on the abortion issue. I think I’ve been so mistreated by so many different people. You know, if you point out a clarification, they say, ‘Oh he changed, he changed!’ You know, they make such a big deal out of it. So I really think that the press largely mistreats. I think the press really, really misrepresents and it’s extremely dishonest. I think that’s the biggest problem with the campaign, is the dishonesty of the press, honestly.”