After Roy Moore Loss, ‘Baked Alaska’ Urges White People To ‘Have Babies’ & Form A ‘Coalition’

Tim Gionet, who operates online under the moniker “Baked Alaska,” urged white people to have more children and “form some sort of coalition” following Roy Moore’s loss because white people are “the ones that are picking the right people.”

Gionet, who had taken a brief hiatus from his prior status as an alt-right flunky to stream himself playing video games and preaching the gospel, returned to political commentary this week to provide real-time commentary on the results of Alabama’s special election to fill the Senate seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. When news broke that Republican candidate Roy Moore had been defeated by Democrat Doug Jones, Gionet began ranting about black voters after one of his viewers posted statistics in a Discord chat server that detailed black voters’ overwhelming support of Jones.

“I don’t mean to be a dick here, but what is going on with the non-white voters? I mean, what is—if you care about MAGA, if you care about Trump, if you care about ‘Make America Great Again,’ if you care about the good MAGA candidates, it’s mostly white people who are voting for these people and the non-whites are, and I’m not saying all, but I’m saying a large [percentage], almost 90 percent, are not voting for the MAGA candidates,” Gionet said. “What is going on?”

Gionet agreed with a comment that a viewer named “Joey” posted in the chat server, that the election results in Alabama were “like a black-lash.”

“Dear white people, have babies. This is not working out very well, OK? Just look at it racially—and I agree, judge people by the content of their character—but look at it racially. Look what’s going on,” Gionet said.

Later on in the live stream, Gionet told viewers it was sad “that the amount of white people, it’s going down.”

“I like to think that it’s not sad a lot and that, ‘oh, we can all get along,’ but when I see results like this it definitely makes me sad. It makes me think that—I’m going to pull up this map again,” Gionet said, while displaying a demographic breakdown of the 2016 election on his screen. “It not only happened here, but it happened in Trump’s election. I mean, you people who are not white honestly should be thanking white men. You should be thanking white people for having Trump into office, because this would not happen without white people.”

Gionet attempted to clarify that he didn’t mean to “bring offense to anyone,” but that he was “just getting really real” with his audience. He pulled up the demographics map again, choosing this time to highlight the difference in how men and women voted in 2016.

“If it was just men who voted, it would be overwhelmingly Trump, overwhelmingly conservative. So maybe women shouldn’t vote. I think we maybe need to take away, just take away the vote from women, because here’s what the map looks like for only men and here’s what it looks like for only women and it looks a lot better when it’s only men,” Gionet said. “Either white people are going to have to play more identity politics and group together, not because we don’t like other people but because we need to form some sort of coalition to win. Because we’re the only ones—look at this—we’re the ones that are picking the right people.”

The video above contains two clips from the original broadcast, which lasted more than three hours.