Terry Bringing His “Academic Questions” to Kansas

Randall Terry and his activists announce that they are heading to Kansas today for the Scott Roeder trial and want to make it clear that while they are not calling Roeder a hero for allegedly killing Dr. George Tiller, they … well … still consider Roeder to be something of a hero:

“We are not coming to condone or condemn Scott Roeder’s actions. That decision will soon rest with the jury. However, there are those who want to pretend this trial has nothing to do with child-killing by abortion; that is a farce. It’s like saying that the trials of Nat Turner and John Brown had nothing to do with slavery.

“We will be present to be a voice for the babies who perished at George Tiller’s hand, and to raise a series of ‘academic questions’ such as the following:

“Was John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry completely right, completely wrong, or a mix of both? Was Brown a hero or a villain?

“Was Nat Turner’s slave rebellion completely just, completely unjust, or a mixture of both? Was Turner a hero or a villain?

“George Tiller murdered 60,000 babies by his own hand. Scott Roeder knew this. How can Mr. Roeder receive a fair trial if this data is kept from the jury? Will the jury be allowed to hear evidence — such as the grizzly means by which these babies were slain and disposed of — evidence that would clearly effect Mr. Roeder’s state of mind?

“If George Tiller had murdered 60,000 Jews, would the judge exclude all Jews from the jury, or insist that only anti-Semites could be jurors?”