Sylvia Thompson: Violence In Charlottesville Was Staged By Fascists Leftists And Deep State Operatives

During a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend, an alt-right activist rammed his car into a group of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring dozens more.

But that is not how black conservative writer Sylvia Thompson saw things, writing in a new column on that the white nationalist marchers were peaceful but had been infiltrated by “deep state operatives,” meaning that any violence was “a staged effort by fascist leftists” to “scuttle President Trump’s efforts on behalf” of whites who are facing a “direct attack on their existence”:

I recently watched a video of a newscast by a young reporter, Millie Weaver, who is with one of the online news outlets. She was on the scene at the recent “Unite the Right” peaceful-protest-turned-violent in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Ms. Weaver reported what I had suspected early on regarding the event. She described a staged effort by fascist leftists (and likely Deep State operatives) to deny a group of Americans their right to peaceful protest.

I searched the Internet for news of the event, because the network news reports were typically biased and twisted, as they usually are. First, characterizing the Unite the Right group as led by the KKK and identifying them as white nationalists was a deliberate attempt to spur racial animus. Then the refusal to characterize the attacking protesters as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, among others, reveals where the traditional media stand on this issue.

Ms. Weaver reported that the leftist groups were throwing balloons filled with body waste to provoke violence. She also reported that the Mayor of Charlottesville told the police to stand down and not to restrain the violent actors. Further, the police forced the Unite the Right group to leave the area directly through the raging leftists, as they were pelted and spat upon, according to her report.

It is very likely Deep State operatives infiltrated the ranks of Unite the Right. Their aim? To subvert the protesters’ goal of legitimately opposing the Left’s attempts to deny them a voice. And, of course, the goal of the Deep State is to scuttle President Trump’s efforts in behalf of these citizens.

I always knew that the efforts on the part of leftist progressives, using victimhood-inflicted blacks as their shields, to denigrate Southern history and Southern people would lead to something like this event. Free people eventually fight back when they are cornered, as many Southern Americans must assuredly be feeling, these days—cornered … I think those everyday Americans have reached their limit. There may well have been hate mongers among the Unite the Right protesters, but I think some of them (maybe the majority) see the unmitigated attack on all that is historically Southern and white (General Robert E. Lee in this case) as a direct attack on their existence. I think they have good reason to say “Enough.”