Steve Strang: Trump Has ‘Become Our Champion’ Even Though ‘He’s Not Exactly a Choir Boy’

Steve Strang, founder and CEO of the Pentecostal media outlet Charisma, said that President Donald Trump is a “champion” of the religious right, even if his conduct isn’t exactly “choir boy” material.

Strang, a longtime cheerleader of Trump, appeared on “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” on Jan. 23 to promote his latest book about God and Trump. During the interview, Strang repeatedly made his case for evangelical support of Trump and scoffed at assertions that evangelicals have compromised their values to gain political power.

“In a way, God allows all leaders, good and bad, but he has raised up people in history at crucial times. You know, I believe in prayer. And there are a lot of people who are praying that our country is going in the wrong direction, almost like we’re in a crisis. And Donald Trump, for all his faults, and even though he’s not exactly a choir boy, he’s become our champion, and that’s what we needed,” Strang said.

Host Eric Metaxas agreed with Strang. “He [Trump] has this checkered past, but he has the common sense at this later point in his life to enact policies that seem to me to be moral and helping people,” Metaxas said. “We always have to make those kinds of calculations when we’re electing someone. We never get out of that.”

Later in the interview, Strang remarked that Trump “hasn’t aged any.”

“We’ve all seen the pictures that they show of the other presidents—what they look like when they go in and what they look like when they leave—but he looks just the same,” Strang said.