Stephen Strang Praises Barrett Confirmation, Claims Democratic Wins in 2020 Would be ‘Very, Very Dangerous’ 

Charisma founder and CEO Steve Strang talks about Trump's election (Image from CBN's 700 Club, November 6, 2017)

Stephen Strang, CEO of the Pentecostal-oriented media company Charisma and publisher of several books praising President Donald Trump, devoted time on his podcast Tuesday to celebrating the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, which passed the Senate without a single Democratic vote on Monday night. He said Trump’s Supreme Court nominations will be one of his “greatest legacies.”

Like other right-wing leaders, Strang pivoted to warning of the supposed dangers of Democrats “packing” the Supreme Court if they win the presidency and control of Congress. An expanded court, Strang said, would be “absolutely horrible” and “very, very dangerous for America.”

Strang claimed it would mean that “every socialist dream that they have would get passed and America as we know would not exist.” He said he was concerned about the future of religious liberty because “there are lefties who think that we are dangerous. They think what the Bible teaches is hate speech.”

Strang repeatedly called the upcoming election the most important of his lifetime. Noting that many of the “prophets” who prophesied that Trump would be elected have also prophesied that Trump would get a second term, Strang says he believes that Trump will win reelection. He said he believes that Barrett’s confirmation and the Democratic response to it are moving polls in Trump’s direction.

Strang told listeners that Barrett’s confirmation “should make all spirit-filled Christians proud” and talked about his long relationship with leaders of the charismatic Catholic People of Praise group of which Barrett is part.

Strang has turned the multimedia Charisma into a virtual public relations vehicle promoting Trump and his reelection.