Stefan Molyneux: White Civilization Is Being Pulled Down Because Other Races Feel They Can’t Compete

Stefan Molyneux, a self-described philosopher who reaches hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube, told his audience yesterday that white people are demonized in society because other racial groups “feel that they cannot match” white people’s achievements.

Molyneux is at this point a well-documented white nationalist and a rampant plagiarist who interprets nearly every major news and cultural item as a warning about the supposed decline of white people. Despite this, high profile figures in right-wing media continue to affiliate themselves with Molyneux, including Mike Cernovich and Diana West.

In a video uploaded to his channel yesterday, Molyneux argued that white people have become a global scapegoat for whatever problems people in a society are facing.

“Every culture, every ethnicity, every country has that choice: they can look at some of the white achievements and say, ‘Wow. That’s good but we can do better.’ Fantastic. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have this leap-frogging forward into freedom and liberty and beauty of free speech and property rights and more markets and more charity, more beautiful art? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Molyneux said. “But that’s generally not what’s happening.”

“What’s happening,” he continued, “is that people are trying to pull down white civilization because, for whatever reason, they feel that they cannot match it in the hurly-burly competition of us mere biped mammals. That is what is going on and that’s why the white race is continually being attacked. … The achievements cannot be matched, let alone exceeded. Therefore, the statue must be cast down.”