Stefan Molyneux: The Mueller Investigation Was Secretly About Immigration

Stefan Molyneux is telling his YouTube subscribers, many of whom consume his content as if it were gospel, that the Mueller investigation was used by Democrats to freeze the Trump administration while a plan was enacted to import “Third World” immigrants who would vote for Democrats.

Molyneux is a white nationalist YouTube personality (and alleged cult leader) and therefore interprets almost every major news and cultural phenomena through the lens of a conspiracy theory in which Democrats and other left-leaning forces are trying to erase white people from the planet through mass immigration. He made no exception to this tendency while interpreting the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had delivered the findings of his investigation into Russian interference efforts in the 2016 election to the Department of Justice.

In a video uploaded this weekend to Molyneux‘s YouTube channel—which has more than 900,000 subscribers—he said that Democrats had spent so much time discussing and speculating about the Mueller investigation so that they could avoid addressing what Molyneux believes to be the real reason Democrats lost the 2016 election: their support of immigrants.

“The left have been trying to import people from the Third World who are going to reliably vote for bigger and bigger government, more and more socialism, more and more income redistribution and greater expansions of government powers, and they’ve been doing this since 1965, since the immigration act,” Molyneux said.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 is a frequent target of white nationalists ire, as they believe the law’s abolishment of racial and national quotas on immigration has devastated the United States. Many right-wing figures believe a slightly watered-down version of this sentiment; they allege that immigration policies are being used to create a reliably Democratic voting base.

“The left, the Democrats, they can’t address concerns about immigration because immigration is their path to gaining and maintaining power ad infinitum—well, at least until immigration produces the inevitable collapse,” Molyneux said. “The one issue that got Trump elected is the one issue the left can’t touch.”

“They were terrified that Trump would do something to reduce even legal immigration and do something to control illegal immigration and so because they were terrified of that—and time is on their side—all they have to do is maintain the status quo and within one or two election cycles, the Republican Party is dead. The Republic is dead.” Molyneux continued. “They know time is on their side. All they need to do is stall any Republican capacity to control immigration or reduce immigration or reverse immigration in terms of illegal immigration.”

He added, “Because time is on their side, the Russia collusion investigation is a foundational tool to paralyze the Trump administration as more and more people come pouring into America.”