Paranoia-Rama: Scalia’s Satanic Sacrifice, Antichrist Hillary And FEMA Camp Future

RWW’s Paranoia-Rama takes a look at five of the week’s most absurd conspiracy theories from the Right.

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has spurred right-wing conspiracy theorists into action, as they spin strange and increasingly absurd claims about the circumstances of his death. At the same time, others have been sticking to the typical attacks on President Obama as an anti-white, anti-Christian tyrant.

5) Hillary’s End Times Role

Move over, President Obama, it’s Hillary Clinton’s turn to face accusations about ushering in the Last Days.

Bob Thiel, PhD., explores in his new book, “Hillary Clinton, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States,” important subjects like, “Is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist?” and “20 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is Apocalyptic.”

Thiel plans to investigate the former secretary of state’s “possible connections to freemasonry and shamanism” and why she is “specifically causing the people of the United States to err further away from biblical morality, which will lead to destruction.”

This is sure to be a thrilling sequel to Thiel’s last book, “Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States.”

4) Was Scalia Sacrificed To Satan? Possibly!

When news of Justice Scalia’s death broke, several right-wing talk show hosts, including Michael Savage, Alex Jones and Rick Wiles, immediately floated the theory that Obama had him killed. Their initial suspicions turned into full-blown conspiracy theories when Matt Drudge insinuated that Scalia may have been smothered with a pillow and Donald Trump declared that the circumstances surrounding the justice’s death were “pretty unusual.”

Adherents of this conspiracy theory have suggested several possible reasons why Obama may have assassinated Scalia, including a plot to push through gun reform, and, of course, a human sacrifice to the Devil to mark the pagan festival of Lupercalia.

3) FEMA Camps A-Comin’

Now that Justice Scalia is deceased, End Times radio host Steve Quayle now knows what is coming next: FEMA camps.

As Quayle explained, Obama wanted to get Scalia out of the way so he can implement his “plan to starve Americans into the FEMA camps” and criminalize belief in the Constitution.

“Judge Scalia’s murder is equal to, if you will, the last pillar holding up what was left of the Constitution,” he said.

2) Persecution Afoot

Ted Cruz has turned the supposed persecution of Christians in America into a major theme of his presidential campaign, so it was no surprise to hear him tell Janet Mefferd this week that the U.S. is experiencing an unparalleled “assault on religious liberty” from the federal government, and “much of this persecution is the fruit of the Supreme Court’s disastrous gay marriage ruling last year.”

Cruz touted his appearances alongside several “victims” of such persecution, none of whom has actually been “persecuted,” let alone “persecuted” by the federal government or as a result of the gay marriage decision.

But we all know by now that facts will never stop Cruz from fanning fears of gay tyranny run amok.

1) Obama Loves Rioters

Leave it to “Fox & Friends” to suggest that Obama’s remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement amounted to praise for riots that occurred in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore.

As Erik Wemple writes, “Fox & Friends” ignored Obama’s record of condemning violence and instead created a myth that he was cheering on riots.

When it comes to choosing images that frame President Obama as a chaos-loving radical, the producers at “Fox & Friends” — the high-ratings-producing morning show at Fox News — can match anyone in the business. Above is a screenshot from this morning’s edition. It comes from a headline wrap-up segment piloted by Fox News host Heather Childers. As the flames and mayhem roar onscreen, Childers narrates, “The violent riots several years ago in Ferguson and Baltimore now drawing praise from President Obama —praise,” she said (italics added to denote incriminating emphasis by Childers).

“The president thinking the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement —thanking them for their efforts,” Childers continued (italics added to denote an apparent effort by Childers to correct herself for saying “thinking” earlier). Then comes a little video of President Obama saying, “‘We’ve also got some young people here who are making history as we speak … led many of the protests that took place there and shined a light on the injustice that was happening. People like DeRay Mckesson, who’s done some outstanding work mobilizing in Baltimore around these issues.’ Leaders from that movement were honored guests at the White House in honor of Black History Month,” finished Childers.

The whole riot-praise presentation took just under 40 seconds, just long enough to plant the notion in folks’ heads that the commander in chief has now gone on record in favor of torching cars and buildings. In fact, the president, in the transcript from which the president’s video remarks were taken, struck a rather different tone in his get-together with faith and civil rights leaders on Thursday afternoon

It’s almost as if Fox News has a record of insinuating that Obama is an anti-white racist.