Sebastian Gorka Predicts Coming Purge Of ‘Not MAGA’ White House Officials

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka predicted in an interview with Breitbart’s radio program on Saturday that President Donald Trump will soon “be getting rid of people” in his administration who don’t adhere to “MAGA,” the initials of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

When the program’s host, Matt Boyle, asked Gorka about the troop surge that Trump announced in Afghanistan last month, Gorka said that “the president is a supernaturally instinctual actor” when it comes to national security and that he had previously been “lecturing the National Security Council” on the history of Afghanistan and the need to limit U.S. involvement.

Gorka said that he predicted that White House staffing “changes will be made at the highest level, soon, probably before Christmas, because the president will realize sooner or later that he is not being well served by the people that are left inside the building.”

He insisted that while he and Steve Bannon resigned from White House positions (the White House has disputed that Gorka resigned), everybody else to leave top-level positions was fired by somebody other than Trump.

“I predict,” he said, “the president will be getting rid of people soon, and I look forward to that moment.”

He added that “right now we have numerous members of the highest level in the administration who not only would have been at home in the Clinton White House but would have been Cabinet members in a Clinton White House. And that is wrong, that is not MAGA, and that is going to change. That’s my prediction, Matt.”