Darrell Scott: God Has Put Donald Trump In His Hand

Pastor Darrell Scott, who recently hosted Donald Trump at a church meeting and has organized meetings between Trump and black pastors, appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” yesterday, where he predicted that “there’s a huge silent majority of blacks that are going to vote for Trump. I call them the incog-negroes.”

Scott insists that Trump, who has been polling in the single digits among black voters and sometimes at zero, has been unfairly maligned as a racist, saying that no one accused him of racism before he was a presidential candidate, an absurd claim.

“Donald Trump is not going to turn his hat backwards, sag his blue jeans, start bumping rap music down in the hood with Pookie, Ray Ray and Junebug, he’s not doing it,” he said, assuring viewers that Trump is instead “friends with a lot of black millionaires and a lot of black billionaires.”

Trump has many black supporters, he said, but they aren’t open about their support because they “fear the people.”

After all, Scott explained, Trump is God’s candidate for president: “We have to see which one of these flawed candidates are the ones that God has entrusted His agenda to and I think Donald Trump is the one that God has put him in His hand.”