Sandy Rios: Officials May Be Lying About Texas Church Shooter’s ‘Atheism’ Connections To Antifa

Religious Right radio host Sandy Rios questioned yesterday whether law enforcement officials were being honest about whether a man who committed a mass shooting at a Texas church last weekend was connected to Antifa, claiming that he dressed the part and was an atheist.

On her radio show yesterday, Rios questioned the information that has been reported about the man who shot and killed 26 people in a Texas church last weekend, citing debunked rumors of a planned violent left-wing uprising and the shooter’s alleged atheism.

“Remember, I told you probably a month ago—now this is just speculation on my part—but Antifa was planning on having some sort of an all-out assault on American soil,” Rios said.

She continued, “I have to tell you, I wonder if the law enforcement is ever honest with us, if there isn’t some involvement with Antifa in this based on the way this guy dressed, the way he responded, his atheism, his hatred. I mean, it could be personal, but it also could be Antifa.”

Rios went on to question the investigation into the man who carried out the mass shooting in Las Vegas last month.

“Really and truly, after all these weeks, he’s just some guy who liked to gamble?” Rios said.