Sandy Rios: Liberals Are Using ‘Heartbreaks From The Past’ As A ‘Weapon’ Against Black People

Today, in addition to accusing liberal of activists of reveling in the demise of the National Football League (NFL), conservative radio host and American Family Association official Sandy Rios blamed liberals for strategically using “emotions and heartbreaks from the past” as a “weapon against the black community.”

On this morning’s episode of her show on American Family Radio, Rios continued to blame NFL protests during the national anthem on liberal activists who discuss ongoing racial inequality in the United States, particularly at the hands of law enforcement.

“I understand the festering sores of racial tensions in this country. It brings up emotions and heartbreaks from the past. It cannot be denied, but that is being used as a weapon against the black community, and then stoking the flames of that to create hatred for the white community,” Rios said.

Rios prefaced her claim by asserting that liberals are intentionally eroding relationships between racial groups to make people dependent on the government.

“They are dividing us. They are agitating the racial wounds of the past on purpose. That’s what community organizers do,” Rios said.

“It’s just like the old game of gossip. If you’re told repeatedly how badly treated you are,” Rios said, you will believe it. Rios then compared liberal activist’s discussions of racial inequality to a mother telling her daughter how poorly her husband is treating her, and the daughter’s resulting hostility toward her husband.