Roger Stone: CIA Director John Brennan Converted To Wahhabi Islam

In an interview earlier this week with Newsmax host Steve Malzberg, Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone urged the president to “clean house” in the CIA, warning that CIA director John Brennan is a communist and a secret Muslim who is out to take down Trump.

“Brennan’s a former member of the Communist Party,” Stone said. “He insists that there’s no link between terror and radical Islam. He was the station chief in Ridah [sic] where I think he was most likely recruited. He is reportedly a convert to Wahhabism. He most definitely, publicly refused to be sworn in with the Bible when he became the CIA director.”

Brennan has said that he once voted for a Communist Party candidate as a way “of signaling my unhappiness with the system” but says he was never an actual member of the Communist Party. The claim that Brennan has secretly converted to Islam is unproven, but popular with the far-right.

Trump, for his part, has suggested that Brennan was behind the leak of an unverified report alleging that the Russian government had compromising information on him.

Stone has previously called Brennan a “Saudi mole.”