Don’t Cast ‘False Asparagus’ On Roger Stone

Yesterday, former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone chatted with Dana Loesch about the “Days of Rage” he is planning with Alex Jones to make sure that delegates and party officials at the Republican National Convention don’t “steal” the nomination from Trump.

Stone, who remains one of Trump’s close confidants, said he resented any claim that he was provoking violence.

“If somebody wanted to cast false asparagus on this, sure, but it’s a famous phrase from the ’68 convention,” he said.

(We are not sure if he simply flubbed the word “aspersions” or was deliberately channeling Rep. Louie Gohmert.)

“There’s no place in my comments ad nauseum where I advocated violence, but I do think there’s strength in numbers and I do think it’s important that people come to Cleveland to let their voice be heard,” Stone added.

He also criticized MSNBC for joining CNN in banning him from the air, alleging that the network practices “Soviet-style censorship” and “has decided to throw out the First Amendment to trample on free speech rights.” (Stone, like some others in the conservative movement, apparently thinks he has a constitutional right to appear on television.)

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