Robert Oscar Lopez On CPAC, The Unfairness Of Pride Parades, And Sodom And Gomorrah

Robert Oscar Lopez, who runs the Texas chapter of the anti-LGBTQ group MassResistance, appeared on Linda Harvey’s “Mission America” program over the weekend to continue complaining about the fact that MassResistance had been banned from sponsoring a table at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. During the interview, Lopez blamed all of the problems in California on the state’s toleration of homosexuality and likened the supposed persecution of Christians today to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

“In the name of tolerance, people are punishing and censoring and pushing us out,” Lopez said, asserting that once the Log Cabin Republicans were allowed to host a table at CPAC, “the gay conservatives [took] over the network and started forcing the officials to punish, banish, slander and censor those who are just pointing out the truth.”

Lopez said that LGBTQ activists relentlessly persecute “ex-gay” activists simply because “they didn’t want to continue to do this harmful physical act that clearly God does not want them to do” and that “there really is nothing defensible about this movement at this point [because] not only is the sex act terrible in and of itself, but there is no sense of charity, there is no sense of tolerance, what you have is just a very harsh, unforgiving attitude that comes out of it, all in the name of tolerance. It’s a really bad situation and that is what we saw in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Lopez then proceeded to attribute all sorts of societal woes to the tolerance of homosexuality.

“When you start glorifying homosexuality, you become like the current state of California,” he said, “where there are homeless people who are proliferating on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. You have the highest poverty rate in the whole country in the state of California, where they’re the most accepting of gays. And you have the greatest suppression of Christian religious liberty.”

Lopez insisted that gay people are not the victims in modern society but are, in fact, the oppressors and so “it’s not really fair for them to have a gay pride parade in a public space and make everyone who is passing through the downtown area see all of this sexually provocative and really rather repulsive behavior. They’re not people who are oppressed or victims, they’re imposing their will on others and if you think about it that way, it really looks a lot more like Sodom than anything else.”