Robert Oscar Lopez: LGBTQ Church Audits Will ‘Undo The American Revolution’

On the latest episode of MassResistance TV, Robert Oscar Lopez, the anti-LGBTQ activist who runs the organization’s Texas chapter, had a bit of a meltdown over a LGBTQ audit that is being offered to churches, declaring that its use will “undo the American Revolution.”

Recently, the English organization Living Out unveiled a program designed to help churches be more “biblically inclusive” through the use of a 10 question audit that examines the church’s attitude toward LGBTQ individuals. The audit is currently being used by a handful of American churches and Lopez is freaking out because Living Out is an Anglican organization, which means that it is part of the Church of England, and Lopez believes that means the British Parliament is now telling American churches what to do, thereby negating the entire American Revolution.

“Would this not seem like the Church of England and Parliament is imposing homosexuality on American churches?” Lopez asked. “We fought an entire revolutionary war so that this would not happen. The people who gave their blood, sweat, and tears in the Revolutionary War did that so that Parliament and the Crown of England could not dictate to us our faith.”

“The Crown of England and Parliament have dictated that we have to allow the male prostitutes back into our temples,” he fumed. “They’re using these go-betweens between the Anglican Church and the Southern Baptist Convention to undo the American Revolution! I cannot emphasize this enough.”