Right Wing Women Rechristened “Bible Study Moms”

Just last week we were dismissively commenting on the supposed emergence of a new electoral demographic – the “faith moms” – noting that they seemed to be little more than the creation of Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition who coined the term based on observations about his own family.  

But what do you know?  CBN’s David Brody is reporting that there just might be something to this after all:  

The Brody File has been told that there are plans underway to organize a “Faith Moms” rally for Sarah Palin when she takes on Senator Biden at the October 2nd debate in St. Louis. The McCain camp is not behind it. It’s being organized by a couple of unnamed (for now) Evangelical groups.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about “hockey moms” ever since Sarah Palin entered the race. And yes, Palin is attracting these strong, Independent fierce, “pit bulls with lipstick” for sure. But the enthusiasm and the “get out of your seats and do something” spirit looks to be coming from what we may want to call “Bible Study Moms”.

And who does Brody quote to fill us in on this emerging new group – you guessed it:

Evangelical leader, Reverend Patrick Mahoney, tells me the following:

“It’s fascinating what is going between Palin and these “Faith Moms.”  It is not something that is being hyped by the media or being manufactured by the campaigns.  There is a true, honest, sincere bonding that is going on that is quite extraordinary.  Politics these days is so orchestrated it comes as a breath of fresh air when something completely unexpected breaks on the scene.  They sense that she is one of them and for the first time understands their struggles and hopes.”

Just out of curiosity, what exactly is a “Bible study mom”?  

These moms are the millions across this country who are ecstatic that McCain picked a strong Christian woman as his running mate. These are the moms who go to their Bible studies in the middle of the week and send in checks to places like Concerned Women for America and other Christian organizations.

Interesting. Just last week women fitting this description were better known as “right wing activists,” but apparently they are now part of an exciting and important new electoral subset. Who knew?