Right Wing Round-Up: ‘We’re Not Gonna Fix It’

  • Gabriella Ferrigine @ Salon: House Republican summarizes party’s response to rampant school shootings: “We’re not gonna fix it.”
  • Igor Bobic @ HuffPost: The Man Who Leads Senate Prayer Is Fed Up With ‘Thoughts And Prayers.’
  • Media Matters: Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles says “guns have nothing to do with” Nashville shooting.
  • Emine Yücel @ Talking Points Memo: Trump Desperately Tries To Connect Manhattan DA’s Hush Money Probe To The Big Lie.
  • John Fea @ Current: The 2016 and 2020 court evangelicals continue to line-up behind Trump. Today it’s Paula White’s turn.
  • Greg Owen @ LGBTQ Nation: Conservative activist deleted from org’s site after raunchy video of him resurfaces.