Right Wing Round-Up: The Rise Of Christian Nationalism

  • Lawrence Hurley @ NBC News: Supreme Court rules states can’t kick Trump off the ballot
  • The decision swiftly ended the legal fight over whether states can bar Trump from their ballots based on the Constitution’s 14th Amendment.

  • Peter Stone @ The Guardian: A far-right US youth group is ramping up its movement to back election deniers
  • Turning Point USA and co-founder Charlie Kirk are raising $108m to mobilize Trump voters and ‘clean house’ of election officials.

  • Brittany Smith @ Ministry Watch: Dream City Church Partners With TPUSA for Strong Church Dream Conference 2024
  • Annual conference geared to ministry leaders took on a political flavor this year

  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: Republican Congressman Under Fire for Agreeing with ‘Clearly’ Anti-Semitic Post: ‘This Is Disgusting’
  • Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) is under fire for his reply to an anti-Semitic post about a reporter’s Jewish heritage on X (formerly Twitter) Sunday.

  • Angry White Men: Elijah Schaffer: ‘If I Could Reduce The Amount Of People Who Identify As Gay I Would’
  • On the Rumble portion of his online show, Nightly Offensive, racist, far-right Internet personality Elijah Schaffer claimed that homosexuality is a “choice” caused by child abuse and hormones. Schaffer also said that “getting beat up” can “fix a lot of it,” and that he wants to “reduce the amount of people who identify as gay.”

  • Brett Bachman @ The Daily Beast: ‘60 Minutes’ Confronts Moms for Liberty Co-Founders on Book Bans
  • Correspondent Scott Pelley at one point intervened in a voiceover: “They often dodged questions with talking points.”

  • Hannah Knowles @ The Washington Post: Offensive comments by N.C. Republican stand out even in Trump’s party
  • Mark Robinson is favored to win the Republican nomination for governor in a battleground state, even as some see serious liabilities for November.

  • Terry Gross @ Fresh Air: Tracing the rise of Christian nationalism, from Trump to the Ala. Supreme Court
  • Bradley Onishi is a former Christian nationalist who’s now a professor of religion and the author of Preparing for War, a critique of the movement and its impact on American democracy.

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