Right Wing Round-Up: Make Room on Mount Rushmore

  • Warren Throckmorton: Ralph Drollinger Says He’s Not a Christian Nationalist But Exhorts Legislators to Please God with Immigration Policy.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: FEC gives Jeanine Pirro 24 hours to stop flouting law and come clean on 14-year-old campaign debt.
  • Pam Vogel @ Media Matters: On Presidents Day, Sinclair’s Boris Epshteyn said the “presidents on Mount Rushmore may have to make room” for Trump.
  • Dylan Matthews @ Vox: Tucker Carlson had a total meltdown when a guest criticized Fox News.
  • SPLC: Rage Against Change.
  • Caleb Howe @ Mediaite: Head of Trump Favored Anti-Immigration Group Confronted Over Promoting ‘White Nationalist’ Website.
  • Emily Singer @ Shareblue: North Carolina Republican ignored warning about election fraud — from his son.