Right Wing Round-Up: Listen All Y’all, It’s A Sabotage

  • Sarah Posner @ MSNBC: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempts to out-Jesus Mike Johnson aren’t going to work
  • As Speaker Mike Johnson attempts to shepherd a package of foreign aid bills, including one with vital aid for Ukraine, through the House of Representatives, all eyes are on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s threat to oust him. So far, only Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., has backed her efforts, but other far-right members surrounded Johnson on the House floor Thursday to express their disagreements.

  • Yvonne Wingett Sanchez @ The Washington Post: Turning Point Action official resigns after accusation of election-related fraud
  • A top leader of the national conservative group Turning Point Action, which has amplified false claims of election fraud by former president Donald Trump and others, resigned Thursday after being accused of forging voter signatures on official paperwork so that he could run for reelection in the Arizona House.

  • Tess Owen @ Religion News Service: ‘Flynn’ portrays the Christian nationalist evangelist’s fight with the ‘Deep State’
  • A new film hagiography portrays the former Trump adviser as a victim of the ‘Deep State,’ omitting his current mission to spread the gospel of Christian nationalism.

  • Angry White Men: Elijah Schaffer Blames Jews For The Slave Trade
  • Far-right propagandist Elijah Schaffer has a track record of antisemitic commentary which has only grown more explicit. During a recent broadcast, Schaffer promoted the debunked claim that Jewish people were responsible for the Atlantic slave trade, and claimed that some Black slaves were whipped because they were “lazy.”

  • Media Matters: Jack Posobiec directs conservative jurors to “sabotage” Trump trials
  • Posobiec calls for jury nullification in Trump trials: “Get on there and sabotage the trial. Get on there and derail the trial completely.”

  • Christian Right Observer Weekly: Volume 12
  • CROW’s 7 stories on the Christian Right that you need read this week.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Louisiana Republicans vote to end lunch breaks for child workers
  • In contemporary politics, Republican governance, especially at the state level, is increasingly invested in rolling back child-labor safeguards.

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