Right Wing Round-Up: Everybody Shouldn’t Be Voting

  • Colby Hall @ Mediaite: Sen. Tammy Duckworth Blasts Fox News Host For Mocking Women in Military: ‘F*ck Tucker Carlson.’
  • Hannah Gais @ Hatewatch: Far-Right Extremists Gather in Florida for CPAC Spinoff Alongside Sitting Congressman.
  • Media Matters: Likening Trump to Jonas Salk, Mark Levin bemoans that the former president is not getting more praise.
  • Travis Gettys @ Raw Story: ‘Everybody shouldn’t be voting’: GOP lawmaker says ‘quality’ of votes more important than ‘quantity.’
  • Will Sommer @ The Daily Beast: YouTube Star Tim Pool’s News Site Collapses Amid Allegations He Took a Cat Hostage.