Right Wing Round-Up: Embracing the End Times

  • Payton Armstrong @ Media Matters: Christian nationalists and right-wing media figures embrace the war between Israel and Hamas as a supposed sign of the “End Times.”
  • Christian nationalists and several right-wing media figures have embraced the war between Israel and Hamas as a sign of the End Times, claimed “the role of Christians is to convert the Jews,” and asserted that Christians must support Israel because “God has a covenant plan as part of the End Times.”

  • Ruth Braunstein @ Religion News Service: Mike Johnson embodies evangelicals’ embattlement strategy. It may be backfiring.
  • The very body that Speaker Mike Johnson now controls has never been led by a non-Christian, and the 118th Congress as a whole is 88% Christian and 57% Protestant, well above each group’s share in the population. As American society has grown more racially and religiously diverse, white Christian supremacy has increasingly been questioned, but challenges to Christian supremacy are not the same as challenges to their religious freedom.

  • J.D. Wolf @ Meidas Touch: GOP Candidate Danny Diggs Joked About Unsolved Rape Cases During Sheriff Retirement Speech.
  • GOP Virginia State Senate candidate Danny Diggs joked about only solving one rape case during his Sheriff retirement speech in January.

  • Will Carless @ USA Today: When Libs of TikTok tweets, threats increasingly follow.
  • USA TODAY has confirmed dozens of bomb threats, death threats and other harassment after Libs of TikTok’s posts since February 2022.

  • Alex Griffing @ Mediaite: GOP Senate Candidate Says He Stands By His Vote to Impeach Trump Over Jan. 6, But Will Still Support Him In 2024.
  • The message was very clear from the Michigan GOP and seemed to already resonate with the candidate as [Peter] Meijer vowed to support former President Donald Trump if he were the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

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