Right Wing Round-Up: Bad Faith

  • Variety: ‘Bad Faith: Christian Nationalism’s War on Democracy’ Review: A Scary Look at the Potential Soldiers of a Second Trump Reign
  • “Bad Faith: Christian Nationalism’s War on Democracy” is the scariest film I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a documentary that explores the rise of Christian Nationalism, and much of what it shows you, about the mutation of the Christian Right into a movement that has openly abandoned any loyalty to democracy, has been covered in the mass media in recent years. But the film’s directors, Stephen Ujlaki and Chris Jones, go deep into the roots of this movement, and what’s new and disquieting is how the current presidential race changes everything. Viewed against the looming possibility of Donald Trump’s re-election (a scenario that most liberals I know believe is unlikely; I think they may be seriously deluded), the rise of Christian Nationalism takes on a whole new meaning.

  • Diana Falzone @ Mediaite: Newsmax Deletes Post Criticizing Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment After It Sparks Internal Furor and Wrath of MAGA Right
  • Newsmax deleted a post on the social media platform X about former President Donald Trump after it incurred the wrath of readers and sparked an internal panic at the conservative cable network.

  • Carl Gibson @ AlterNet: QAnon believer who crashed SUV into FBI building wrote ‘I love you’ to Trump
  • Earlier this week, Navy veteran Ervin Lee Bolling rammed his SUV into a barrier outside the FBI headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The alleged perpetrator of the attack’s motivation have not yet been publicly revealed, but a deep dive into his social media history suggests he was a strong believer in numerous far-right fringe conspiracy theories.

  • Angry White Men: Matt Walsh: White Nationalist Group VDARE Is Being Targeted For Its ‘Unpopular Beliefs’
  • Daily Wire host Matt Walsh devoted a segment of his eponymous online show to defending the white nationalist group VDARE. After criticizing Scotland’s newly passed hate crime law, Walsh criticized New York Attorney General Letitia James for investigating VDARE, claiming the group is being unfairly targeted for its “inconvenient and unpopular beliefs.”

  • Luke Broadwater and Alan Feuer @ The New York Times: G.O.P. Congressman’s Wild Claim: F.B.I. Entrapped Jan. 6 Rioters
  • More than three years after the attack on Congress, a Republican subcommittee chairman offered a series of baseless and disproved claims about it, reflecting an effort on the right to falsify what occurred.

  • Joseph Darius Jaafar @ Arizona Mirror: A GOP lawmaker called the US ‘unrighteous’ because of LGBTQ people and non-Christians
  • A traditional opening prayer in the House of Representatives turned into an evangelical sermon condemning LGBTQ “sinners” and “dark.”

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