Right Wing Round-Up: All Alone In His Time Of Need

  • Jonathan Swan, Maggie Haberman and Nate Schweber @ The New York Times: The Circus Trump Wanted Outside His Trial Hasn’t Arrived
  • With support from demonstrators in Lower Manhattan spotty so far, Donald Trump issued a call to “rally behind MAGA,” and suggested the poor turnout was a result of a plot against his supporters.

  • Kevin Drum: National Enquirer publisher says Trump payments were to help his campaign
  • In the Trump hush money trial, David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, testified today about paying off informants to hush up sex scandals.

  • David Badash @ The New Civil Rights Movement: ‘I’m Not Suicidal’: Kari Lake Pushes Hillary Clinton Murder Conspiracy Theory
  • Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake is promoting a conspiracy theory suggesting Hillary Clinton wants to assassinate her.

  • Alex Tabet @ NBC News: Kari Lake says ‘unfortunately’ Arizona isn’t enforcing 1864 abortion ban, flipping again
  • The Senate candidate supported the 19th-century ban in 2022, came out against it this month, and now appears to be backing it again in a new interview.

  • Maya Henson Carey @ Hatewatch: Everything Is Not OK in Oklahoma Public Schools
  • Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s superintendent of public instruction, faces national backlash as he continues to inject his extremist ideology into public school classrooms.

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