Right Wing Bonus Tracks: White Uprising

  • Kari Lake will be joining various Christian nationalists, self-proclaimed “prophets,” and conspiracy theorists when Kenneth Copeland’s “Flashpoint” program holds a two-day event in Phoenix, Arizona, next month.
  • In the wake of the Trump family being sued for fraud by the state of New York, Glenn Beck said that former President Donald Trump “may be the cleanest guy on the planet.”
  • Preaching at the “Opening The Heavens” conference, right-wing pastor Kent Christmas channeled God to declare that the church is meant to rule over government: “There should never have been separation between church and state, saith the Lord.”
  • Steve Hotze, a Texas-based religious-right activist and doctor, asserted that those who have received COVID-19 vaccines “become connected to the internet of things and you can be mind-controlled by artificial intelligence through maybe 5G.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes insisted the only hope for America is for there to be a “white uprising” that then disbands Congress and installs Trump as a dictator: “Elect Trump one more time and then stop having elections.”