Right Wing Round Up

Today’s best reporting on the Right from around the web:

  • Box Turtle Bulletin reports that Nazi Revisionist Scott Lively has talked Ugandan anti-gay activist Stephen Langa and a Ugandan parliamentarian into proposing a law forcing people convicted of homosexuality into ex-gay therapy.
  • Via Tips-Q we see that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown described the passing of Proposition 8 in California as “unacceptable.’ Also via Tips-Q we learned that Lou Sheldon has a Prop. 8-related blog post up on The Hill’s Congress blog. Why is The Hill providing a platform for Sheldon?
  • Sen. Tom Coburn says he’ll go to prison before he is forced to perform abortions. Unfortunately for him, Wonk Room points out that “refusing to provide abortions won’t land him in jail or bring him the publicity that often comes with incarceration.”
  • Good as You highlights the fact that Matt Barber and Concerned Women for America continue to defend Utah Sen. Chris Buttars.
  • Pam notes that Peter LaBarbera is scheduled to return to his old stomping grounds at the Illinois Family Institute and the flier announcing it says “for security reasons, please do not bring any bags or purses.”
  • How is the GOP’s Hispanic outreach going? According to Mother Jones, not so well.
  • Steve Benen notes that the judiciary is getting tired of The Birthers’ antics with today another judge throwing out their lawsuit and mocking “the plaintiffs for being so foolish and wasting the judiciary’s time.”
  • David Neiwert has a great post on Glenn Beck desperately trying to get Sam Webb of the Communist Party USA to declare that Barack Obama is a Communist ally … and failing miserably.
  • Finally, this video is hilarious: