Right Wing Round-Up

  • Dahlia Lithwick dismantles the right-wing attacks, such as this one, against Harold Koh, President Obama’s pick for legal adviser to the State Department.
  • The Newsweek/Washington Post “On Faith” section has unveiled a new blog called “God in Government” which contains a good post about the scare tactics behind the opposition to hate crimes legislation.
  • Think Progress notes that Glenn Beck is getting crazier by the day.
  • Speaking of which, TP notes that the Alaska Republican Party is calling for the resignation of Sen. Mark Begich, who defeated Ted Stevens this past November, now that the charges against Stevens have been dropped.
  • Media Matters catches Ann Coulter falling for Car and Driver’s April Fool story about NASCAR.
  • Jonathan Stein highlights a new Pew poll that shows that 11% of the population still believes Barack Obama is Muslim and notes that, of white evangelical Protestants and Republicans, fewer than half were able to correctly identify Obama as a Christian.
  • AU highlights a state legislator’s plan to place an “Oklahoma version” of the Ten Commandments on Capitol grounds, whatever that means.
  • Ed Brayton highlights a rather insane anti-science ballot initiative in Washington state.
  • Finally, just when you thought the “Birthers” couldn’t get any more unhinged, Alex Koppelman reports that, in fact, they can.