Right Wing Round-Up

  • How good is Fox News?  As Think Progress notes, it is so good that it is capable to covering events that happened before it even existed.
  • John Nichols takes on the Right’s incessant ACORN-related fear-mongering.
  • As Steve Benen explains, sometimes a blog post is just a blog post and not a sign of a vast conspiracy.
  • You know Glenn Beck’s show is spinning into absolute absurdity when Crook and Liars says it is cutting back on its coverage of him.
  • John Aravosis has a good post contrasting Concerned Women for America with Coretta Scott King on the importance of gay rights to the overall civil rights struggle.
  • Finally, there were lots of posts responding to the Telegraph article on James Dobson’s farewell address to Focus on the Family that we mentioned last week, including reactions from Good as You, Steve Benen, Andrew Sullivan, Marc Ambinder, and Crooks and Liars.